By: Sohum, Katie, and Bailey

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Interactions With Other Body Systems---

All body systems work together to keep the body going.

  • ---Digestive/Circulatory- The villi (in the small intestine) use diffusion to take the nutrients through the capillaries and into the bloodstream. After the diffusion has taken place, the bloodstream takes the nutrients to the cells to provide energy for them.

  • ---Respiratory/Circulatory/Digestive- When we inhale, the lungs in the respiratory system fill with oxygen. Then the alveoli transfer the oxygen through the capillaries, with diffusion, and the oxygenated blood goes to the organs in the digestive system to keep them functioning.

  • ---Muscular/Digestive- The small intestine is a smooth, involuntary muscle. The small intestine is a key part in the digestive system, and thanks to the muscular system, the small intestine is able to function properly.

  • ---Nervous/Digestive- The brain stem and medulla control all of the involuntary movements in our body. Digestion is one of the important involuntary movements controlled by the nervous system.

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